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Letter to Citizens of Eureka


Good Citizens of Eureka,

With the severe amount of run-off we are experiencing there are a few items which will help our community in preventing possible cause negative effects to our infrastructure. Listed below are a few items which would really help if we are spatially aware of our surroundings.

  • Don’t use the sewer system to drain pumps or syphon off water. The surge and type of water will cause ill effects to our sewer ponds, water chemistry and possible overflow discharge.
  • If you observe street man holes taking water please notify the City office
  • If sand or other types of materials are imported into Eureka City please make sure the material does NOT come from a mine operation. WE do not want any heavy metal issues with soil or water contamination. If you have any questions, please call the City office for guidance
  • Please be very careful in diverting water due to liability possibilities including underground utilities, private property, easements and sending water into another’s property. If you have questions please call the City office
  • If possible, please document with pictures drainage problems so the City administration can work with FEMA and the State of Utah to develop future mitigation plans and secure funding. We need proof there has been a problem. Please email the photos to Eureka City.
  • Sand bags and sand are still available at the City office. If you receive sand bags please don’t sell them on KSL or Craig’s List

A big thank you to all those of you who have cleaned ditches, filled sand bags and served your neighbors. This type of selfless attitude is what makes Eureka great.   

Chris Dever