Air in Water - June 22, 2018

Due to a major water issue yesterday you may experience air in your water today. The issue has no... [more...]

Garbage pickup 4th of July - June 21, 2018

Regular garbage pickup on Wednesday, July 4th [more...]

Soccer Time Again - May 29, 2018

Applications being taken from now until June 30th. Contact Summer 433-2297 or Eureka City 433-6915 [more...]



The mission of Tintic School District is to provide comprehensive, success-oriented learning activities for young people in our schools. These opportunities must be designed to develop the person's potenial in the areas of academic ability and vocational awareness, cultural appreciation, physical well-being, social development, and community contribution. Adult Education is available for members of the commmunity for more information use the link listed below. Tintic High School also offers EDNet College Class thru Snow College to all eligible Junior and Seniors. For more information contact Tintic High School.


Tintic School District
P. O. Box 210, 545 East Main Street
Eureka, UT 84628

Phone: 435-433-6363
Fax: 435-433-6643
Superintendent: Kodey Hughes

Tintic High School
P. O. Box 210, 525 East Main Street
Eureka, UT 84628

Phone: 435-433-6939
Fax: 435-433-6845
Administrators: Karen Kramer
Greg Thornock

Eureka Elementary School
P. O. Box 210, 55 East Main Street
Eureka, UT 84628

Phone: 435-433-6927
Fax: 435-433-6622
Administrator: Brian Ward