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Appeal Authority - Board of Adjustment Notice



Eureka City is seeking volunteers from our community to sit on an Appeal Authority Board or Board of Adjustment.

Definition of an Appeal Authority is: A person, board, authority, commission, agency or other body designated by ordinance to decide an appeal of a decision of a land use application or variance.

An Appeal Authority is empowered to hear and decide:

1. Appeals from zoning decisions applying the land use ordinance.

2. Variances from the provisions of the land use ordinance.

Anyone interested, may contact the City Office at 15 North Church Street, Eureka, Utah 84628 to apply, or if you have further questions concerning the duties of the board. Training opportunities available.

Applications will be accepted at the City Office until 5:00 pm, October 3, 2017. Applications are available at the City Office or you may visit our website